About Me

Hello my name is Michael, and welcome to my portfolio. 

I have always been interested in stories and how they are told, but I had never once considered that I could be a part of that process.

Deciding not to rush into anything upon leaving school; I took a lot of time to decide on Journalism as a career option.

It was the potential to chase my passions which sold it to me.

Whether I'm just watching or getting involved myself; I'm a keen sports enthusiast and music fan. 

These are the things in life which make me the most happy, and there are few reasons as to why I shouldn't seek to follow them for a career.

I am currently a trainee journalist at PA Training, studying for an NCTJ Diploma.

I am hoping to find work in video or broadcasting when I graduate in February 2024.

I hope you enjoy what you find on this website!

Michael Thomas